Exploring Unchartered Territory in Patagonia with MY Lauren L

Located at the southern end of South America, sharing borders with Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is known for stunning views of the Andes Mountains as well as a landscape that includes deserts, volcanoes, glaciers and grasslands. Patagonia has two coasts: western facing the Pacific Ocean and eastern facing the Atlantic Ocean and this region guarantees an unforgettable charter experience for those who wish to visit an area of outstanding natural beauty and adventure into the unknown. 

90m Lauren L is a most unique yacht. She has the classification of a passenger vessel so can comfortably host 36 guests in 20 cabins, and the seven star service and luxury fixtures of the world’s most prestigious superyachts.


There is a well planned itinerary for Lauren L's entire stay in Patagonia, and guests can pickand choose from a plethora of highlights including: walking through extreme landscape, seeing the spectacular glaciers, volcanoes and Fjords up close, visiting indigenous communities and taking part in activities such as kayaking, fishing, SUP, heli-sightseeing and many more. Charter guests can also try local delicacies like Magellanic Centolla (Southern King Crab) in Puerto Toro.

The local wildlife is as interesting as it is unique with a huge range of creatures to discover. On land, herds of wild horses mix with water wolves, the llama-like guanaco, pumas, cougars, foxes and deer. Most have rarely if ever had any human contact so guests can get surprisingly close and the photo opportunities are endless.

In the water you can spot a singing humpback whale or a black and white Commerson’s dolphin (also known as the Panda Dolphin), or even use Lauren L’s scuba gear or submarine and meet them in their natural habitat. Along the shoreline or in a cave you might find a South American fur seal, some Magellanic penguins, or an elephant seal and his harem of 50 female mates!


MY Lauren L is ideal for large groups of friends and family because she can accommodate 36 guests in 20 luxury cabins. 

Guests of any age will enjoy a charter on Lauren L. She has a soft playroom for keeping younger children entertained and extensive AV options for teens and adults. Lauren L also comes equipped with multiple tenders so smaller groups can explore different areas and engage in a range of activities at the same time.

Titan Fleet are giving charter guests the opportunity to explore beautifully remote locations, visit isolated communities and see the stunning landscapes of Patagonia with activities to satisfy the wants and needs of any guest.


Lauren L's Features:

Number of Guests: 36
Crew: 45 Crew
Number of Cabins: 20
Cabin Configuration: 1 Double Master, 1 Double VIP, 3 Double Suite, 5 Double Executive, 10 Double Suite

Other Features Include:

Four guest area decks
Deck jacuzzi
Children’s playroom
An extensive array of waters toys
Continuously updated film & music library
Beauty salon and spa
Conference room and Library for business meetings & presentations
Updated satellite, GSM, WIFI and AV system

For more information or to book a charter on Lauren L this winter please contact: nicks@titanbroker.com or stephanie@titanbroker.com

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